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Band looking for vocalist

Looking for singer to front band in style of artists like: Biffy clyro, Muse and royal blood amongst many others. Serious trained singers are prefered. Please send demos if you are interested.


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I have started up a project writing and performing music. at the moment we are a 3 piece. Guitar, Bass and Drums. We are looking to find a singer before expanding further. We write primarily rock but are open for any style of vocals if we think it would work well together. We have some working demos of the sorts of music we are writing, please send us your own demos or examples of yourself singing if you are interested :)

We all have quite a bit of experience with playing shows, writing music, recording in studios and touring. We are looking for someone who has an equal level of experience, music interests or just the perfect voice ;) hahah.

Must be able to rehearse weekly/bi weekly in Oslo



Kontaktperson: Oscar
Fylke: Oslo
Annonse opprettet: 11. May 2022 | Sist oppdatert: 11. May 2022