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Looking for a drummer for a stoner/doom band. Oslo

Looking for a drummer for a stoner/doom band, we have bands like Lowrider, Elder, Jointhugger ect. as inspiration.


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Location: Oslo

Band language: Norwegian or English

Our drummer will soon be leaving us for Amsterdam. We have written a couple of songs in the stoner/ doom genre and are keen to write some more, record and play live. Do you like heavy stoner/doom music and can you play drums? - Get in touch! (På norsk eller engelsk)

Other bands that are a reference point : Electric Wizard Lowrider, Elder, Kyuss, Sun Mammuth, Elephant Tree, Jointhugger, the Re-Stoned.. 


Kontaktperson: Jack
Fylke: Oslo
Annonse opprettet: 07. Jul 2021 | Sist oppdatert: 23. Aug 2023