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Looking for bass+drums and a female (guitarist)vocalist to start a rock band

Imperial State Electric, Spiders, Horisont, Honeymoon Disease, Dundertåget, Märvel etc.
If any of these gets you desktop drumming, we'll have good times together.


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I am 25 year old guitarist from Finland, been playing almost for my whole life.

I play/played in an oldschool progressive thrash metal band for over 10 years, but now it's time for something else.

I have burning passion to play rock music. Everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Gluecifer, but also modern stuff that gets their inspiration from the 70s, like the ones mentioned in the beginning.

What I'm looking is a group of people who are willing to put time, effort and money into this. I want this band to have a strong female vocal sound (Ann-Sofie Hoyles, Johanna Sadonis, Ida Dorthea Horpestad, Ann Wilson). As I already play guitar, it's maybe not a must to have 2nd guitarist, but it's also not an absolute no-no. The best case scenario would be if vocalist could also play guitar. Some experience and good vibes is required.

Let's make enough songs to release an album hopefully through some label or independently, and then see where that album gets us. Gigs, tour, new releases?

I've got 3ish almost ready made songs, many song ideas and unfinished demos, but I hope that you can contribute to songwriting as well. Everybody is free to express their ideas and opinions. Depending on the groups interests, we can take it more to direction of rock or classic heavy metal (Thin Lizzy, 70s Judas Priest).

I've got an idea for the band name, logo sketch, good recording equipment for guitars and bass (Kemper + Focusrite Clarett 8Pre) and mediocre vocal recording mic. If we hit the road, i have possibly a vehicle for us. I've also just noodled around some demo recordings of my songs.

Hit me up with an introduction and some videos of you performing with your instrument if you are interested.


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