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Good Guitarist Looking For musicians To Jam With In Oslo

I'm Looking for musicians to jam with in Oslo (just for fun!)
I'm 32, experienced, have good gear and good knowledge in music.
Blues rock, progressive rock, funk, fusion, improvisational
Hit me up !


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I did some studio session work here and there, Some live performances here and there. I released an album a while ago and constantly working on my solo projects, So I'm not really looking to join a band permanently (unless It's something interesting and I could be passionate about!)

Since working too much in the studio is making me miss jamming live with people, So I'm seeking some cool musicians to jam with (band or individuals) in Oslo area (Bassist, Drummer, Keyboardist, Saxophonist,..etc) , maybe on a weekly basis or every other week ..

To narrow it down a bit. I'm looking for people a bit closer to my age (32y.o) and preferably has some kind of recordings (doesn't have to be professionally recorded) just something I can listen to and gives me a better idea about your playing.

Here is a link to my music:

If you are interested or have any question, Hit me up !




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