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Dag King

FB: (Reverb nation) (Includes more demo’s and earlier recordings)

Norwegian/ Texan Dag King (Dag kare Dybdahl, B. 1968)

Moved to Texas in 2000. Before that time various bands in Norway.

Original music. Dag king songs recorded in Denmark (CD release: One night in a kingdom 1996) and Norway.

2002 – 2007 The Dag King Band. Playing bars and venues in Austin Area.

2007- 2008 Recorded in Austin (Shadow Love)

2008 -2018 Playing guitar for various country bands and performers. Dancehalls, BBQ cookoffs, Austin Rodeo and bars in greater Austin Area. (A.O: Keen Country Band, STS, and Neon Light Cowboys)

From 2017 focusing on having Dag king songs recorded. Using different vocalists in order to find a market for his songs. Including the album “Dag” by Stephen Foster and Howler (Muscle shoals, Alabama) and working with Producer Todd Osterhouse in San Antonio, TX.)

2019: Guitarist for country singers and Connect Band (Dance music / Norway).

Dag currently has a nonexclusive development deal with Bentley records, NY and ITNS

Making a living: Special Ed. Teacher at Lockhart High School 2005-2017. Dag is looking for a foot in the door of the music business,

Member of TONO (Norwegian equivalent to BMI) IPI: 274500676

Radio Format BIO:

Dag King (Dag kare) born in Norway 1968.

First band around age 12, in Langesund, Norway.

Vocalist/ guitarist and co -songwriter in Pagan Boys Oslo, Norway 1986-90

First cd in 1996: “Dag kare” One Night in A Kingdom (Bums records/ Denmark).

2000- Moved to Texas. 2002 The Dag King Band. Playing local bars Austin Area.

2006: released “Movie Music” Collection of Demo’s and previously released songs.

2008. CD released on Audiomoxie Records: Shadow love

Most noted recording on that CD: the Leon Payne song “I love you Because” with Payne’s daughter Myrtie Payne.

2008 Started playing guitar for Grady Kenan / Keen country Band.

Also doing some Dag king originals. Most popular song was Dag’s “20 miles” during this period. Played bares, dancehalls and festivals etc. central Texas.

2010 Joined South Texas sound as a guitarist. Most notable was house band at cedar hall, Lockhart, Tx and Austin Rodeo.

2014 joined Neon Light Cowboys from the shiner Tx Area. As guitarist.

Playing dancehall, night clubs and bars.

2016/2017 Worked with Alabama Based artist Stephen Foster.

Released Dag King Originals on Cd release “Dag” performed by Foster and his band Howler.

2016 till present working with producer and musician Todd Osterhouse (Creed Fisher a.a) recording Dag’s songs with Dag on vocal/ guitar & and working with different vocalists and musicians.

Dag has a non-exclusive artist development deal with Bentley records, NY.

Summer 2019, playing guitar for Norwegian “Dance -band”: Connect Band.

In the mix now: A new version of Dag’s: “Maryann Of San Antone” with Dag on vocal and guitar.

Updates on Facebook:

Old and new recordings , rarities( documentation of songs demos) on:

What are some projects you have accomplished or are currently working on at the moment?

In the mix now is a new version of Dag’s: “Maryann Of San Antone” with Dag on vocal and guitar.

To be released September/ October 2019

Gigs with Jay Metting (Classic Country and some originals) and Connect Band.

Continues to record new and old songs.

When and where was your first public performance?

Playing, local Movie theater in Langesund , Norway with the Holthe & Nash National Rock’n Roll band 1982, age 14.

How would you describe your style of music?

Blend of many styles. Ref.

But based on Country/ pop/ rock

Who are you’re a few of your musical and/or songwriting influences?

Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, John Prine, Bruce Springsteen, ELO,

Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Queen, BJH, Dire Straits,

What made you decide to start writing and playing music?

Just something that came to me.

Had friends growing up who also were interested in music.

Tell us about your shows, the music is experience that is YOU:

The Dag king experience.

Trying to find myself in a calm and pleasant environment with

Connection with the audience.

Must admit it is much easier and comfortable to just play the guitar at the moment,

But then more rewarding when my songs are well received and prove them self to work yet again.

Where can people find and/or purchase your music?

Amazon, Spotify, itunes, etc.

Updates on my Facebook:

Describe briefly some of the things that inspire your music and, if you write with others, tell us about some of the songwriters you have worked with and some of the songs you wrote together.

Strong emotions and the feelings that are hard to describe, so you

Write just pieces of the story, and listeners can complete the story and

Graphics in their heads.

Co-wrote “Completely Crazy” and “ Just to break” with Morten Gusfre.

Guitarist and vocalist at Quay Porters of Langesund , Norway.

Collaborating with Jay Metting on “I’ll go anywhere with you” and “I like drinking more than woman”.

Recorded Laura Moliter’s, Rare Birds in Flight, “I might run” while playing guitar for the group 2015.

Have you or do you plan to film any music videos? (Talk about a couple of them)

A simple video was made for the song “Mexican Bird”, performed by Stephen Foster & Howler, by Bentley Records. Song was also nominated for song of the year CMA awards, 2018.

On youtube you also find Pagan Boys Live, at Bootleg, Oslo, 1988 and Dag king “Cowboys Never die”

Low budget productions for people that take special interest.

Do you have any dream duet partners in mind? (Tell us one and talk a little about it)

We all would say Emmylou Harris


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Artist-profil: Dag King
Kontaktperson: Dag
Fylke: Vestfold
By/sted: Stavern
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