Silver Spoon

A band based in Oslo with international background. Acoustic, pop and rock music with a focus on telling stories..

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Om Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is a 4-piece band (two guitars, drums and bass) who likes to tell stories and capture flashbacks and stream-of-consciousness narratives of the reality around them, filtered by the members' different culture. The sound is guitar-based , but it owes more to the British blues, pop-rock and hard rock heritage of the late '70s and '80s, than to modern guitar-driven heavy metal productions. There's also a sprinkle of American acoustic folk music, with lyrics that range from melancholic to upbeat and an accessible, melody-based approach to songwriting. The band member hail from Italy and Norway, each contributing their heritage and sensibility to the overall result.



Cristiano Sadun
Morten Haga
Vitorio Pinelli
Jørn Larsen


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The Summer Of Our Life

Friday Night Shuffle

Nobody Gives A Damn Of What Is Wrong Or Right - Official Music Video

All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan cover)

The only cover we play! A version of Bob Dylan's song made famous by Jimi

Silver Spoon - "Silver Spoon" Official Music Video

Photography & Direction: Cristiano Sadun, Jasmin Konjic Editing: Cristiano Sadun Featuring Estefania Mejia, Lasse Espelid, Pia Lutro

In the Heat of the Night - Official Music Video

Oh, Mother Official Music Video

Produced by Silver Spoon, feat Tor-Arne Riksheim at the tin whistle

Castles in the Sand - official video

The official music video for "Castles in the Sand"

A Rose in the Wind - official video

Official video for "A Rose in the Wind"

The Others - Official Music Video

Turn Your Face Away - Official Music Video

The Others (audio only)

The Summer Of Our Life

Friday Night Shuffle

Silver Spoon

Castles in the Sand

In The Heat of the Night

A guitar-driven summer song with a latin vibe!


Late In The Night

The Lies You Make

Burning Both Ends

White Snow

Turn Your Face Away

Come Tonight

Winter Is Coming

A Rose In The Wind

In The Darkness


Firmanavn: Silver Spoon
Fylke: Oslo
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