Mayfire: Norwegian, Modern storydriven progressive metal.

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Mayfire Chronicles is a two-man project from Fredrikstad, a city in the eastern part of Norway. A combination of movie nerds and music buffs, Marius Andre Jacobsen and Rune Dahlen formed Mayfire Chronicles in late summer of 2019. The first song, and their debut to the world, Thicker Than Water were released on the 1st of November. The reception has been exceptional and Mayfire Chronicles has so far over 76 000 streams on Spotify. Mayfire Chronicles is an extraordinary ambitious project that will combine music and visuals like never before. Drawing on elements from the early pioneers of progressive metal like Dream Theater to the modern giants like TesseracT and Skyharbour with soaring melodies from bands like In Flames and Ghost, influences are diverse. Coupled with exciting visuals and a theatrical flair, the band also draws inspiration from movies like 2012, The Postman, Elysium and Mad Max.

The band is currently working on their yet-to-be-named concept album with the working title «Paradox». Two songs have already been released from this universe, and Thicker Than Water and City of Ruins is just the beginning of this epic journey.

The story behind PARADOX The world was slowly dying. Overpopulation was the main problem. We built a space station, and it solved our problems - in the short term. At first the space station was small enough to be safe in orbit around Earth. Then it grew, out of control. As it slowly evolved to be self-sufficient, the ties to Earth became more and more strained. Anarchy ran rampant. The chaos was complete. Mysterious crime lords known only as «the Kings» are now in control, ruling as dictators free from any consequences. The space station - now known as Paradox Station - has grown so large it has become a part of Earth's atmosphere. Its size blocking out the sun. Continents such as America and Australia are mostly covered in snow, ice and darkness as a result. The world's known population of 15 billion people now live in an enormous World City in the remaining livable world, covering most of what was known as Europe, Russia and parts of Asia. With their shared destiny, Earth and Paradox teeter on the brink of collapse. Is their fate sealed? In the frozen and barren wasteland of an exhausted Earth, our journey begins… 

- Utland


City Of Ruins
Thicker Than Water


Cloudscapes & Silhouettes

Mayfire Chronicles - Shadows

Written by Marius Jacobsen & Rune Dahlen. Drums by Baard Kolstad (Leperous) mixed by Einar K. Five, Master by Ted Jensen (Sterling) and published by Lasse Lazz Jensen

Mayfire Chronicles - Thicker Than Water

Written by Marius Jacobsen, Rune Dahlen Mixed and arrangement by: Einar K. Five Label: Lazz music

Mayfire Chronicles - City of ruins

The second release from Mayfire Chronicles Album. - City Of Ruins Written by Mayfire Chronicles Mixed & Orchestrated: Einar K. Five Mastered by: Acle Keahney (TesseracT)



Navn: Mayfire
Fylke: Østfold
By/sted: Fredrikstad
Profil opprettet: 05. Jan 2020 | Sist oppdatert: 22. Jan 2023