Klassisk, pop, world, folk, new age. Produserer egen musikk. Pianist og vokalist. Visjonær. Intuitiv musiker.

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CYNG is an independent artist who arranges, records and produces music of classical, world, pop and new age elements.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as James Horner, Rolf Løvland (in Secret Garden), Sarah Brightman, Yanni, David Tolk, Enya, Karl Jenkins and others, CYNG seeks to channel his own visions of beauty through his music.

CYNG was drawn to the piano as a toddler and began composing his first songs at the age of eight, on a handed-down keyboard from his grandfather. Being self-taught on the piano, CYNG has since then shared his talent and vision with his circle of family and friends at various local events. After acquiring two Yamaha synthesizers, CYNG embarked on the journey of independent music production, his music being exclusively written, recorded, mixed and mastered by himself.



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Silent Friends

En original dreampop-produksjon skrevet, fremført, mikset og produsert av CYNG.

Beautiful, Go

Original låt skrevet, fremført, mikset og produsert av CYNG.

Pastel Skies

Originalt pianostykke skrevet og fremført av CYNG.


Originalt pianostykke skrevet og fremført av CYNG.

Of Love and Living

En original musikalsang/retro-pop-låt skrevet, fremført og produsert av CYNG.



Navn: CYNG
Fylke: Oslo
By/sted: Oslo
Profil opprettet: 22. Sep 2022 | Sist oppdatert: 10. Oct 2022