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Looking for experienced drummer / bass player to make some new music

Looking for experienced drummer and bass player to make music together, maybe to push the limits a bit further than the ordinary


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Hey there,

I've been playing guitar for over 15 years and been writing my own music since the last few years. I've matured the idea for the music i'd like to make, therefore looking for drummer and bass player to play together. The sound i'd like to have is somewhere between post metal, post rock, progressive, doom genres. Sometimes with odd time signatures, sometimes with heavy riffs, but the main intention is to convey a feeling with it.

Some examples for inspiration: Russian Circles, Intronaut, Cult of Luna, God is an astronaut, Katatonia.

Do those bands or the idea sound interesting for you? If so, let me know!!


at my home studio


Artist-profil: Sadan Ekdemir
Kontaktperson: Sadan
Fylke: Oslo
Annonse opprettet: 03. Jun 2022 | Sist oppdatert: 03. Jun 2022