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Guitarist looking for band

I have recently moved to Norway from the UK and looking to find some musicians to join a band. I have been playing guitar for over 15 years and have experience in studios and touring.


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Looking to start a new project with some other musicians for either a bit of fun or something more serious. I love rock music, heavy stuff, light stuff, poppy stuff. I'm a big fan of biffy clyro, royal blood and rage against the machine to name a few. I'm looking to start something groovy, heavy and catchy. I have experience writing and recording, I've always been around recording studios and rehearsal spaces over the last 10 years. Along side touring the uk and playing some of the iconic underground venues all over the country. I work now in events here in Oslo so as it is now, I have free time haha. Send me a message and maybe some of your own tunes I'd you are interested. Here is a link to some of my old material:



Kontaktperson: Oscar
Fylke: Oslo
Annonse opprettet: 02. Jan 2022 | Sist oppdatert: 02. Jan 2022