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Singer looking for a guitarist or keyboard player to sing with

Hi :)

I'm Emma, 26 from the UK.

I'm moving to Oslo in 2 weeks.
I am looking for singing work. I will start with busking - singing on the streets. I'm also looking for any singing jobs I can find on bars or hotels or anything.

I've not got so much experience but have been told thatvi should pursue singing by a lot of people. I also would love to do this as a full time job or atleast part time. So I'm looking for people in Oslo or near odlo surrounding area that could accompany me on a regular basis.

I would really love to find a good guitarist or keyboard player who could accompany me.

You can message me on Facebook if interested. Emma Lightwing. You can also search for me on YouTube. It's Emma Lightwing.

Also my email address is

I hope to hear back from some people soon.

Emma Louise
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25. nov 2018

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